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I'm finally getting around to posting about the quilt that ostensibly started this blog. I believe this quilt brings my total to 11 finished quilted projects. Not all of them were full sized quilts (like I made a couple bags or wall hangings, etc).

This is a sort of small twin sized quilt that I made for my daughter's best friend. I had been wanting to make her a quilt, but didn't feel inspired.... until we did fish printing and the middle piece (the four starfish) got left behind.

I had some other fish prints that I had done, or my kids had done, and so I threw them in the mix and came up with

I put a nice wide red flannel on the back to make it cozy and snuggly (apparently it had the intended effect as the child sleeps with it every night:))

If you want to see more pictures of the quilt, you can find them in my picasa album here: http://picasaweb.google.com/hummingjoni/Quilts02#

I loved the challenge of tying all the elements together. I knew I wanted to do Ocean Waves around the central square, but trying to figure out how to frame the other fish was tricky. One thing I learned was that fudging can really work for you. If you look very closely at the red seahorses you might notice that the fish up to the left on top of the triangles is kind of chopped off and the corner doesn't match up another corner. I think the bigger picture is more interesting and it was worth fudging there to make the triangles go where they were supposed to go.

My quilting process is pretty organic. I like to start with a rough idea and then start cutting up fabric and putting it on my design wall. I haven't had a usable design wall for months and I am feeling quite hobbled. Soon, it will be back up and I'll be furiously working. In the mean time I am madly trying to finish up two wall hangings for preschool teachers and then I have a baby quilt to finish (top is done) for my upcoming niece. I have two twin size quilts I'd love to get to over the summer for teens who are going off to college and then I have a friend I want to make a quilt for and my 5 year old daughter insists that her quilt is next (since her sister got one last year:)).

I was inspired to post this because of this. Go check it out! http://www.amyscreativeside.com/2010/05/bloggers-quilt-festival-spring-2010.html
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I am at the point where I want to put borders on the starfish quilt, but I'm feeling a bit stumped. I have three sections (the middle one is the icon). I put "sashing" between the sections; this sashing comprises three strips (two light blue on the outside and one darker blue in the middle). The problem is that if I butt the lighter blue up to it to make the border on the outside, it makes that dark blue strip stop abruptly. I should take a picture. At the moment I'm thinking of making a double border on the outside with the dark blue inside the light blue, but I don't know how that will work with the ends. Maybe I'll just do the light blue and say to heck with it since it works everywhere else except those four points.
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I started this journal ([personal profile] quiltyjela ) a while back so I could talk about the process of my quilts. I'm now working on a quilt and remembered that I should post here.

This quilt started with a panel of "fish printed" starfish that someone left at my house after we did our fish printing project. I saw it and immediately knew that I wanted to make this into a quilt for my daughter's best friend.

My first idea was to do the traditional pattern "Ocean Waves" around the starfish and I thought it would be more scrappy than it turned out to be (with only one red and three blues). I really love the way this part of the quilt looks.

I then thought I would take a bunch of half square triangle squares and put them around various other fish prints I have lying around. But that just did not seem to be working. I also thought I needed border fabric to go around the Ocean Waves, so I took the whole shebang to the quilt store and got some thinky thoughts there.

I now have a panel of two frogs separated by Flying Geese and bordered with some of those half square triangle squares (but the frogs themselves have some of the new fabric bordering them because they were a little small). In any event, I have to add some more HSTSs to the bottom and top of this panel before I can proceed (and take a picture). I am excited to have spent almost an hour and a half in my sewing room this morning!


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