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In 2010 I made four wall hangings (well, one is technically not finished as I'm still beading it), a baby quilt, a lap quilt, and a twin size quilt.

2 of the wall hangings were for preschool teachers, so they are centered around leaf prints that preschoolers did. I ended up arranging them differently and using different fabrics to frame the leaves, so I think they turned out somewhat different from each other despite starting with the same theme. http://picasaweb.google.com/hummingjoni/2010WallHangings# has pictures of all the wall hangings I did, plus close ups.

The third wall hanging I did was the first project I've ever beaded and boy did I love beading! I wanted to have something I could do quickly that would still be nice and I just happened to have a block exchange with friends stuck to my design wall that I was able to applique a few birds to, quilt, and then bead within a 10 day or 2 week period. It was rather intense and even though I didn't have the amount of time to work on it that I normally like, I think it turned out quite well. The recipient was quite pleased with it too.

The fourth wall hanging I started because I was itching to do some beading again. I pretty quickly pieced and quilted it, but the beading has been very slow because the fabrics I chose really call for a lot of beading, in my opinion. But I'm having fun with it, and that's the important point.

The baby quilt was a quick easy project for a new niece and I just chose three fabrics in a range of red, pink and ivory and whipped it into a split rail fence. My SIL liked this one:)

The throw quilt was for the kids' babysitter and I had heard her favorite colors were purple and green. I wanted to play with the split rail fence again, so I made another one with some bigger borders. Babysitter was thrilled. She said it matched her bedroom:)

The last quilt was for DD2 (who is 5). I think I should probably do an entire entry on just that quilt as it took me 4 months to make it. I started with a Nickel Quilt pattern and then morphed it into a Jacob's Ladder (mostly). I took some large scale prints and stuck them in the big squares instead of doing little checkerboards in there. I used at least 40 different fabrics on the front. And the borders evolved when I got tired of piecing the Jacob's Ladder and needed to add more fabric to get it to be the size I wanted it, but I loooooove the borders. You can see those quilts here: http://picasaweb.google.com/hummingjoni/2010Quilts#


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